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Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

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This "DUKE" adjustable charm bracelet comes with both DUKE & Butterfly charms pre-attached.

Butterfly charm: 

A semi colon butterfly is a symbol of hope for those battling suicidal thoughts and depression. It signifies a pause versus an end. As someone who has lost two loved ones to suicide this one is very important to me. I want others to know they’re not alone and that they will always have a safe space within my community. 💖

DUKE charm: 

Duke charm with the butterfly “E” is the first charm I ever designed. It was the beginning of this whole concept of fully embracing who I am and wanting others to experience the same. 👑

2.5" (65mm) in diameter
8.0" (204mm) in circumference

Bracelet Material:

Gold Plated Stainless Steel-Hypoallergenic

Charm Material:
Gold Plated Brass, Zinc Alloy
Surface: Soft Enamel
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Much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the last few years have been a rebirth for me. As much as we celebrate the beauty of a butterfly, I feel we often don't reflect enough on the metamorphis it went through in order to become such a delicate and rare creature. I want these products to reflect the process we all go through at points in our life that no matter our story, we have the power to shed the weight of our past and embrace new beginnings.

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